We run several different types of events including application demonstrations, feature demonstrations, hardware demonstrations, soft skills, workshops, software launches and product launches.

Application Demonstrations


Our application demonstrations provide an overview of a specific software application. Often these are newly released applications or even the latest Beta versions of soon to be released packages.

Feature Demonstrations


Our feature demonstrations provide a deep dive of a specific feature of a particular application.

Hardware Demonstrations


Think we can’t effectively demonstrate hardware online? Think again!

Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro provides the ability to stream not only a computer screen but also video so we are able to show installation, configuration and use of hardware such as printers, scanners, audio devices, video hardware, iPhone/smart phones and much, much more.

Soft Skills


Not all our events are about applications, soft skills are just as important and we have covered and will continue to cover a wide range of soft skills in our online events. Examples of previous topics include; project management, e-mail management, effective presentations, Getting Things Done™ and time management.



Our online workshops are single focus events where we take a project from inception to completion.

Software Launches


Software launches are always exciting and we have covered quite a few launch events in our history. For previous events in addition to demonstrating the newly released software we have managed to secure free books and resources for the attendees.

Product Launches


Although a somewhat contentious claim hardware launches are even more thrilling than software for the geeks amongst us and we often cover those too. We source live video and audio feeds and provide a chatroom for instant discussion of the new gear.