We run online events via Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro. It’s a great system that delivers high quality audio and video straight to your desktop and needing only the Flash Player to support all it’s features.

The requirements to be able to attend are minimal.

A PC or Mac


Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro runs on both Windows PCs and Mac computers.

Since the Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro viewer is Flash based it can run on any device that can support the Flash player.

An Internet Connection


You will of course require an Internet connection. While broadband is preferable, a dial-up connection may still be used. Although a dial-up connection will render lower quality images during the event, configuring Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro optimally for your connection type will give the best possible experience irrespective of your connection speed.

A Browser


You’ll need a web browser that also supports the Flash Player.

At event time, or up to 30 minutes before to attend the chat, enter the address of the event room in to your browser of choice.

Adobe Flash Player


As stated you will need the Flash Player installed. Preferrably the latest version but all versions of the Flash player back to version 8 can be used to access the event room.

Headphones or Speakers


Since sound is broadcast during the event you will need either speakers or a pair of headphones to play this audio.

At the end of events you are able to ask question either via text chat or via audio. Please note if you would like to use audio to ask your questions you MUST be using headphones and have a functional microphone. The reason is without using headphones an audio loop is created and other attendees will be adversely affected.