Promises of a paperless office have abounded for many years but somehow the reality has never lived up to the expectation….until now !

Don’t know a document scanner from a flatbed scanner from a negative scanner from a pen scanner ? Well you will after tonight’s event when we will be using a complete range of scanners to demonstrate just how fast paper can be transformed into flexible digital data.

150 pages of A4 paper scanned in 4 minutes ? Sounds impossible … yes we’ve used a flatbed scanner too ! … but come along to witness the feat tonight.

The hardware is only half the story however. The key to a successful paperless office is effective document management and tonight we’ll be demonstrating two of the best applications in this field.

We’ll also be using the very same scanners to breathe life into your old photos.

With the right software a moderately priced scanner can create so much more than a rough copy of a treasured old photograph. We will demonstrate how to turn that treasured old print into a multi-megapixel RAW digital negative file and bring joy to a whole new generation of your family or just embarrass the kids all over again.

Date and Time

27 October 2008, 19:30 – 21:30