Tonight we’ll be taking a look at Adobe Lightroom 3 Beta, Adobe’s latest incarnation of it’s premiere digital workflow application which provides tools to assist with every stage of the photographic process from downloading the image to final delivery.

While the presentation will focus on the new features in the latest Beta version there will also be best practice advice regarding the most effective RAW workflows and plenty of time for questions from the audience.

If you’ve not taken the plunge with Lightroom yet it’s a great time to download the free Beta and follow along with the demonstrations.

Date and Time

21 January 2010

20:00 – 21:30 GMT


Elaine Giles


Lightroom can be described as a digital darkroom for images from digital cameras. It particularly excels at working with RAW and as more digital cameras are now capable of shooting in RAW format it seemed an appropriate subject to cover, plus of course there’s a brand new version of Lightroom just around the corner (Elaine used the Beta for her demo).

She demonstrated a number of new features including Flickr integration and watermarking. Lightroom 3 allows you to publish photos straight to Flickr (as long as you have a Flickr Pro account). The watermarking feature, which enables you to apply an image or text as a watermark, can be found in the Export module of the application.

In the photo below, you can see that Elaine’s signature has been added as a watermark.


Thanks to all those who attended, hope you all found it as interesting as I did.

Review by Mike Thomas