Adobe Kuler might have started life as a web-based online colour theme generator for designers and illustrators but it is now so much more: a thriving community of design enthusiasts sharing Kuler theme combinations, a hub for seeking design inspiration and a free mobile app that synchronizes it all using Adobe Creative Cloud.

Come and see what Adobe Kuler can do for you!

Date and Time

13 February 2014, 20:00 GMT


Elaine Giles


80 mile an hour winds, fallen trees and a battered conservatory roof. Yes, three reasons not to venture outside and three reasons why we had such a great turnout at our February online meeting – although the promise of another top demo from our resident Adobe expert should really be the only reason!

Anyway, on with the show, the subject of which was Adobe Kuler. I knew it was something to do with colour but more than that I had no idea, so with great excitement I logged in. Not only did Elaine show us how Kuler works, she also gave us some background information about colour schemes and colour management.

There’s a free Kuler app for iPhones which lets you do all kinds of cool stuff and if you point your phone camera at something, the app will instantly pick out the colours for you.

If you have an Android, unfortunately there’s no app but opening up the Kuler website in Chrome on her Nexus, Elaine showed us that it works in exactly the same way as on the Desktop – setting up colour schemes, etc – and amazingly the camera on the device can do the same stuff through the browser – awesome!

Elaine also reminded us that the popular Adobe Photoshop Lightroom bundle is still available until the end of March. Several people actually signed up on the night. If you didn’t and want more details, click here

See you all next month for a look at Adobe Ideas.

Watch the Replay!