NWAG is proud to announce The Summer of CS3, starting with a demonstration of Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Bridge. There’ll also be a chance to win some exclusive Adobe prizes!

Managing your photos has never been easy … think boxes of unsorted, unfiled photos where you struggle to locate the one you need.

The explosion in digital photography has only exacerbated the problem but tonight help is at hand in the form of Lightroom the digital Swiss army knife for photographers and photograph management. From managing a few snapshots to delivering a full digital album Lightroom has all the features you need to put the fun back into photography.

But what of other file formats – web pages, documents, letterheads, flyers, videos, audio files and many others? Well that’s where Bridge has you covered. There’s no better way to control your files using categories, keywords, ratings, stacks, filters, folder flattening, previews and colour coding.

So join us tonight and bring order to chaos in your digital world with two fantastic digital asset management and workflow applications from Adobe.

Date and Time

30 June 2008, 19:30 – 21:30


Elaine Giles