ePublishing is a mine field of file formats, competing standards and incompatible devices.

This event will demystify the current ePublishing landscape so whether it’s a manual, a quick reference guide or a workbook that you want to appear on a Kindle, an iPad, an iPhone or a smartphone we’ve got you covered.

Date and Time

29 November 2010, 20:00 – 21:30 BST


Elaine Giles


There were two distinct parts to Elaine’s event. The first was an overview of ePublishing itself. As the description says, ePublishing is a minefield of formats, standards and devices. All became clear thanks to Elaine sharing her expertise.

The second part of the event was a demonstration of how to create an eBook. Elaine took a copy of A Christmas Carol through a series of preparations including the removal of unwanted characters and other necessary formatting. She then showed how to create the eBook itself using a Word Processor first and then repeated the process with the new version of Scrivener before editing an existing eBook using Sigil.

Finally, Elaine demonstrated using the Kindle app on the iPad and iPhone to actually read the book.

A lively audience asked plenty of questions throughout. Scrivener was particularly popular, so much so that Elaine was persuaded to give a short impromptu demo of the app.